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How to play OZ Lotto

Of 45 balls drops 9: seven main and two additional. Depending on the number of matched balls, the amount of money is distributed among the winners as follows:

  • 7+0 - first category
  • 6+1 - second category
  • 6+0 - third category
  • 5+1 or 2 - fourth category
  • 5+0 - fifth category
  • 4+0 - sixth category
  • 3+0 - seventh category

That is, in order, to start playing, you need to choose 7 main numbers and two additional. And then rely on luck.

OZ Lotto rules from Australia

So that if you win, you will definitely receive your prize, follow a few simple rules set by the lottery organizers. Check them out below.


Принять участие в игре OZ Lotto вы сможете, being on the territory of the CIS countries, it is not necessary to be directly in the country where the draws are held. The main requirement of lottery organizers is the age of majority. For persons, did not reach 18 years old, it is strictly forbidden to take part in the prize draw. Minimum age restrictions are not a reason to give up your lifelong dream of becoming a millionaire in a couple of minutes. Play, buy a ticket, and you are lucky today.

Winning in one hand

There is one winner per ticket, single ticket is optional, This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more opportunities to win. If all the tickets are won, you will be able to pick up the winnings from only one lottery ticket at your discretion.

You can get your winnings, only being on the territory of the country, where the OZ Lotto game was played. It means, if the player wins in Russia, then you will be able to receive a prize only in this country.

International lotteries in Russia

In addition to domestic lottery games, international lotteries are gaining significant popularity in the Russian Federation.. The main factor, determining the reasons for their widespread, is an impressive prize pool. The development of modern technologies has significantly accelerated this process.. Now international lotteries are available to residents of Russia online. Every day the Internet is filled with more and more real stories about winning a particular foreign lottery. The main motivating factor for these games is the multi-million dollar jackpot.

Foreign game

Despite the outrage of foreign players, associated with the multiple wins of Russians in their lottery, citizens of the Russian Federation are actively replenishing the lists of winners. The worldwide winnings statistics clearly indicate that, that every player has the opportunity to get a big jackpot, regardless of its geographic location. Online services for the sale of lottery tickets for foreign games make it much easier for Russians to participate in sweepstakes. For, to become a participant in an international lottery, just go to the website of the official representative of the game and buy a ticket, which shortly after the purchase will come in electronic form to the mail.

The legal side of the game

It is important to note, that when choosing a foreign lottery, you must carefully read the information about it. Often, official sites of games provide free access to information about the rules of the game, certificates and licenses, regulating the activities of the organizing company, etc.

If the lottery game, which aroused your interest, does not have an official website with the above information, then the risk of being cheated in this game and losing your money, very high. World-renowned lottery games confirm their reliability and justify an impeccable reputation by providing legal acts to familiarize participants with them. The legal side of the issue is very important, primarily for the player himself. After all, this is his guarantee of the safety of personal funds..

International victory

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